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We are Johnnie and Timothée, owners of Atelier Coffee in Victor

We have talked about opening a coffee shop since the day we met at a hostel in Bangkok in 2017. After returning to Johnnie's hometown, they found that there still was not a conducive place for remote workers, students, small business owners and young adults to gather. Their goal broadened to providing a “third place” for the people of Victor and Teton Valley, Idaho. A place as comfortable and routine as their office and home. 

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Despite supply chain shortages during the pandemic, they sourced a variety of goods from across Idaho and as far away as France, Timothée’s home country. They provide classic and inspired high-quality coffee, tea, and bottled beverages, baked goods and sandwiches, and premium snacks that fit every dietary preference. Those craving a taste of France can try our lavender-infused specials and Chocolat Chaud (hot chocolate). 

In May of 2023 Johnnie and Timothée welcomed their son, Casey, to  the Atelier Coffee family!


Our Beans

Our farms are ethically-sourced; prioritizing partnership with organic and some woman-owned farms of unique origins and flavor profiles. We practice sustainable roasting techniques like the Mountain Water Method for our decaf, use eco-friendly machines, and implement recycling programs like upcycling our used grounds with local farms around Victor, Idaho.

Our Roasts


Medium Roast 3/5

Sweet, smooth, citrus

Blend of South, Central,
and  Indonesian origins


Medium Roast 3.5/5

Bright, clean, nutty

Blend of South
American origins


Light Roast 1/5

Mild acidity w/ almond and 
brown sugar notes

Peru Organic


Dark Roast 4/5

Earthy, Dense, Pepper

Indonesian single
origin from Sumatra


French Dark Roast 4.5/5

Rich, smokey, intense

High altitude grown in
Central American origins


Medium-Dark Roast 4/5

Balanced, full body, mild acidity

Blend of South American &
Central American origins


Medium Roast 3/5

Chocolate and clean finish

Blend of Central American origins

Why Atelier Coffee?
at·el·ier      |      uh·til·ē·yay

What started as French Press Coffeehouse, soon evolved into something much bigger than just a style of brewing coffee. Togwotee Center's Suite #4 fosters relationships, collaboration, growth, connection, support, and community. Atelier is a French word for artisan workspace and better exemplifies the feeling of their coffeeshop.  Johnnie and Timothée are excited to be the ones to bring this necessary addition to their town.

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